Mitra Designs Studio Collaborative is a Design consultation firm based in Vermont specializing in providing design services for distinctive homes and business’s. With more than 25 years of design experience, professional recognition and published work; Mitra’s work can be seen in numerous national and prestigious design magazines, and other publications.

The most distinguishing aspect of Mitra’s work—for which she is greatly respected in the design and construction field—is her keen attention to every visual and functional aspect of design. Mitra has an exceptionally strong conceptual and space planning and problem solving ability which is the foundation of her design work. Her business success is also due to her ability to come up with creative design solutions and  “pull everything together” for her clients according to the highest design standards.

Mitra is also well known and respected by her colleagues for her ability to understand the nuts and bolts of the construction process and for being an effective team player. She works closely with builders to ensure a smooth transition of the design phase into the construction.

Mitra enjoys creating both classic and contemporary designs; much of her work contains elements of classicism and modernism. All of her work can be characterized by a unique, creative elegance that is grounded in integrity and lasting timelessness. Her clients delight in her hands-on approach and take joy in seeing the ways she finds creative solutions to the most challenging design issues.

Mitra is also an artist and that spirit is embodied in her design work and in her ability to design spaces that is not only functional, but delight, surprise, and inspire. mitrasamimiart.com

Design Philosophy

By choice, I have kept  my business as a small design studio, allowing my role with my clients to be that of a designer/partner. I only take a small number of projects at a time so I can give undivided attention to each design on the drawing board. This allows me to work with my clients on a personal level, listen and understand their specific needs and stylistic preferences.

I am a strong believers in working closely with both clients and their project team and builders from the very beginning of the project to the end. Not only does this ensure a smooth and pleasant experience but also beautiful and functional spaces that my clients are proud to call their own.

Decades of hands-on experience both in reputable architectural design firms and construction field has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the needs of both fields. I have developed a successful process in my work that allows the project team to foresee and carefully consider all project needs early in the design and planning and construction phase. I pay special attention to all critical aspects as well as artistic elements of good design such as scale, form, function, and proportion, as well as the psychological effects of natural and artificial lighting, color, and texture.  My conceptual design packages are highly comprehensive and easy to understand for which I continually receive praise for by both my clients and their builders.